Educational Theory

How to Submit a Manuscript

Initiating the Process

1. Log in to the Educational Theory Submission Site at

Submitting a Manuscript

Step 1: Start

  • Click on the “New Submission” button on the right of the “Submissions” page
  • Read through each item in the “Submission Requirements” checklist, and check the box
    next to each item, to confirm that your submission meets that requirement. If you are
    uncertain about whether your manuscript adheres to a particular condition, please contact Joyce Atkinson at
  • If you have any comments for the Journal Editor, Nicholas Burbules, please type these
    into the dialogue box. If your submission is part of a symposium or other special project, please include that information in the comments dialogue box.
  • Under the “Submit as” heading, select “Author”
  • Click on the box for “Yes, I agree to have my data collected and stored according to the
    privacy statement.”
  • Click on the “Save and Continue” button

Step 2: Upload Submission File

  • On the “Upload Submission File” screen, click on the drop-down menu and select
  • A field will appear that will enable you to upload the article file
  • Drag the appropriate file into the box to upload it, and click on “Continue”
  • If you have related submission files (e.g., a table or artwork, a letter for the Editor, etc.),
    you will be able to repeat the process for each file
  • Under “2. Review Details,” you can double check that you’ve uploaded the correct file(s)
    and also change the file name; after checking things, click on “Continue”
  • Under “3. Confirm,” click on “Finish”

Step 3: Enter Metadata

  • Enter the title of the submission
  • Enter an abstract of roughly 150 words for your article in the Abstract dialogue box
  • Under “List of Contributors,” you’ll see your name; if you have coauthors for the
    submission, click on the blue “Add Contributor” button on the right side of that field. For each coauthor, enter
    1. the author’s name
    2. the author’s email address
    3. the author’s country (required field)
    4. the author’s institutional affiliation
    5. under “Contributor’s Role,” select “Author”
    6. click on “Save”
    7. be sure to check the box beside “Principal contact for editorial correspondence”
    for the appropriate author.
  • On the next screen, check that all authors show up correctly in the “List of Contributors”
  • Click on “Save and Continue”

Step 4: Confirmation

  • Under “4. Confirmation,” click on “Finish Submission”
  • After finishing a submission, you can elect to (1) Review this submission, (2) Create a
    new submission, or (3) Return to your “dashboard”