Educational Theory

Educational Theory Institutes

The Educational Theory Institutes provide an opportunity for authors of a collected symposium to meet at the University of Illinois to workshop their papers and develop them in collaboration with faculty and students from Illinois. These institutes are sometimes planned and coordinated in advance; and sometimes developed through an open call for proposals.

2018 - The Good of Open-Mindedness in an Age of Epistemic Risk

2017 - Contesting Public Education

2016 - Ecologizing Education: Philosophy, Place, and Possibility

2015 - Technologies of Reading and Writing

2014 - Humane Education: Recovering the Humanistic Dimensions of Teaching, Learning & Research

2012 - Sex Education and Value Conflict in the Liberal State

2011 - Plural Societies and the Possibility of a Shared Civic Vision

2010 - What Makes a Public School Public?

2009 - State Intervention and the Regulation of Parenting